What Are Chinas Human Rights Violations?

04.06.2019   |   by Tozil

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Author: Meztim
What are Islam's Human Rights Violations?
Author: Shazragore
fuck Pakistan
Author: Kagar
china uncensored partner, oh boy i got the idea
Author: Shagor
fuck UN
Author: Vijas
What is the palestinian Human Rights Violations?
Author: Tygomi
what are Israels violation of international law. this is my 67th petition i started my first one in 1949.
Author: Yozshur
Also, how powerful is Florida?
Author: Grojind
What are the United States Human Rights violations?
Author: Zolojas
This proves what China really is like, they support terrorism, and terrorist breeding country like Pakistan
Author: Shaktishicage
what If US cut off all foreign aid?
Author: Shakashakar
What are russias violations of international law where is lizzette padilla
Author: Vijind
Communism in practice. And no, its not that they don't do it right. It's that implementation is very different from the idea.
Author: Goltijar
What are Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Violations?
Author: Arajas
Plus, UN is complete bull shit, 5 countries have so much more power in the UN than the rest of the world combined
Author: Malagor
This is my 1st petition.
Author: Tot
How powerful are violations of international law?
Author: Goramar
i learned that HP=Harmful Products
Author: Dishura
China vetoed it, so now India can't take any actions against a terrorist who attacked India because China is a permanent member of UN and has a huge veto power
Author: Mohn
What are Russia violation of international law??
Author: Kigalar
What are Palestine's violation of human rights?
Author: Meztigal
Man you really knocked'em down, so much on Falun Gong and Tibet.
Author: Tezil
How Powerful Is Pewdiepie's Diamond Play Button?
Author: Gobar
When India tried to pass a bill in the UN to capture the terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who freely roams in Pakistan, and who is responsible for 26/11 Mumbai Blasts,
Author: Yozshuramar
how powerful is Florida?
Author: Malajar
Russia's violation of international law please
Author: Meztibar
that is not equality and equal distribution of Power
Author: Neramar
fuck China
Author: Tolrajas
Is this the same as violations of international law?
Author: Vut
You guys never talk about U.S are EU human rights wondering why!!

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