Young workers skip college for apprenticeships

19.06.2019   |   by Zushicage

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Comments "Young workers skip college for apprenticeships":

Author: Zologar
Good. Looking into it myself.
Author: Kilar
Very good.
Author: Shaktiran
Can a foreigner apply an apprentice in the USA? If yes how is it possible?
Author: Kazram
Nice option with NO debt with real market demand..plumber can make killing....Then you can go to college later once you have worked and save a lot of money.
Author: Nebar
More entrepreneurs comes from the trades occupations, i support both, college and trades, don’t fall for the “I’m going to college, I’ll be successful mind set”... it still takes work.
Author: Nikokree
I went to the military after high school. Wish I knew about apprenticeships back then.
Author: Mezidal
Everything he says is so true lol😂
Author: Shaktitilar
LOL College.
Author: Faut
So so so much better than the debt for diploma system which bankrupts young people today. These apprenticeship programs are a perfect way for them to get work experience while earning a salary and no debt. It's a win win. It's about jobs, not BS.
Author: Nirr
Apprenticeships are the way to go. In Britain, apprenticeships are used for almost every major occupation.

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