Lucifer Episode 2x14; Closing scene. The real Candy.

13.06.2019   |   by Samutilar

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Comments "Lucifer Episode 2x14; Closing scene. The real Candy.":

Author: Moogukora
Lucifer....did you loving Chloe
Author: Tygokus
I love her so much!!
Author: Tygorg
Whats name of the song in the end
Author: Miramar
she didn't take her luggage lol lucifer left it behind the car!
Author: Kigalrajas
I know this is all still new but what is the song in this?
Author: Akinor
And then the suitcase was gone
Author: Shashura
I was very relieved when I saw this scene. Yes, the "fake Candy" was dumb, but incredibly sweet; it would have been hearthbreaking if Lucifer tricked her into marrying him just for randomly testing people...
Author: Zulkim
I would like to know if he Paid, in Las Vegas, so much money for Her o for anything else.
Author: Kazrazragore
poor candy

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