Dial Up Modem Handshake Sound - Spectrogram

14.06.2019   |   by Faeshicage

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Author: Darisar
Glorious... until mom picks up the phone and messes up your 5 hour download of Wolfenstein 3D from the BBS.
Author: Bralrajas
What I thought it might do,...seems very much so to be working.
Author: Moshicage
I got the landline for "emergencies only" pretty much, and never use it.
Author: Arashikus
Skrillex is getting lazy.
Author: Vudosar
I made that robocaller my bitch.....fuck you robo caller. Fuck you up your 18 pin dsl linehole.
Author: Gozragore
The soundtrack to my childhood. I even remember hearing that weird noise in the middle of the handshake ( 0:21 ) and realising that oh crap, I'm not getting a full speed connection this session and the odds are the line will drop at some point.
Author: Tojagul
... using a language that deters them. That is the modem sound,....
Author: Kajilkis
But instead of a barrage of calls,..now I get one and only one the day after i enter the contest,..and I blast that modem sound,....and its like a weeklong vacation from the robocaller. I am pretty sure if i didnt enter that contest,..it wouldnt call at all.
Author: Zulkizahn
sick drop at the end
Author: Nelar
So THATS what it looks like....
Author: Takree
I also figured out why they call at all,...never mind again after getting it to stop. That is my doing,..there is a music contest I sign up for each week,..and they use that number.
Author: Nikozil
Dial the rainbow, taste the rainbow.
Author: Togami
Ahhh... when porn was only pics and animated .gif
Author: Naktilar
Can we have one for the national alert system sound that triggers all the radio stations to play whatever they are broadcasting?
Author: Fek
If you answer it ,...the same company tries to sell whatever,...and if you ask the robocaller vocally to remove you from the list they will politely say yes... then a day or so later it will call with a new caller ID.
Author: Mikagrel
So its synchronized, keep it cued up at 0:06 so it begins after the dialing tones.
Author: Fenrisida
i waited for the drop
Author: Tulkree
It plays for about 20 seonds or so before the line goes to the call terminated tone. Its that simple...
Author: Kagasar
... if its programed to be efficient and it reached a fax line or a dial-up modem one or more times,
Author: Yorisar
I use this soundtrack as an electronic counter-measure for battling robocalls.
Author: Mezilabar
That attempt was botched but it showed that it will call back if it gets a voice,..even in the background.
Author: Mooguk
After quite a few incidents of trying to resolve the annoyances ,...i began to think,
Author: Nadal
What software did you use to make this animation btw?
Author: Gujinn
This may help you understand how it all works and other things about why those calls come and go.
Author: Yozshurn
So, of course I opt out by hitting 9 ,...or 2,....and the call will reapproach with another false caller ID for some number not corresponding to the location.
Author: Zulkibei
...then I hit play on the dial up modem sound video.
Author: Gardazragore
welcome youve got mail
Author: Tolar
Amazing. When you hear it, it sounds like random noise. When you see it, the patterns start to become clear...
Author: Tatilar
There is only one line and that means to answer or see what the call is I have to run upstairs within 6 rings.
Author: Torn
Bear with me,...if you are plagued by robocalls, you will be happy to know you have found a way to MAKE them stop,..
Author: Dozilkree
0:14 - 0:16 is my favorite part!
Author: Duran
The sound of the modem makes the robocall remove the number,..and it is likely one company manages therobocalling services for the firms that are trying to sell you whatever,...that makes it easy to kill the robot that comes in the name of many.
Author: Mezinris
I think thats how they can get away with disregarding the do not call law.
Author: Nenos
A few days went by and it rang again,...I hadnt told anyone about this tactic and a family member was trying help me answer the phone and I asked them to be quiet for a second,...they started talking aloud anyway asking a bunch of questions and im pretty sure the voice recognition could tell there were people at that number.
Author: Jurr
When any robocall rings the landline, I bring the handset near the speakers on the laptop,
Author: Grogal
I don't miss tripping over the phone line.
Author: Jutilar
..what would MAKE the robocall listen to what I asked???,..and I thought....well,
Author: Taujora
Here is how it played out for me.
Author: Mautaur
"Welcome, you've got mail!"
Author: Kirr
Interesting way of visualizing it, would be interesting to see it being compared to ADSL in terms of the spectrum being used.
Author: Kazir
Sounds like the the latest hit single of Skrillex.
Author: Toshakar
Handshake? We always just called it "Satan's Answering Machine."
Author: Kazrazahn
Ahh, this reminds me of the days of NetZero and EarthLink, getting those "1099 FREE HOURS" AOL CDs in the mail, Napster, Yahoo......
Author: Zulkibar
....it may as a matter of efficiency remove that number called from its autodialer.
Author: Tegal
The first time I did it,...there were no subsequet calls for two days,..it was like the phone company shut my line off,...I was truly surprised.
Author: Meztilabar
Everyday at about 1053 am the calls start up....totaling about 6 a day or more...on a new line.
Author: Nahn
Those days blew.

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