Endoscopic Repair of CSF Leak from Left Supraorbital Ethmoid Sinus

18.06.2019   |   by Voodookora

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Comments "Endoscopic Repair of CSF Leak from Left Supraorbital Ethmoid Sinus":

Author: Karamar
May I ask how long is the hospital stay for this procedure, and recovery time?
Author: Nizragore
@ENTENCYCLOPEDIA Great question. I was trying to avoid injuring or taking the anterior ethmoid artery.
Author: Vogar
Why do so many doctors evade making a conclusive statement such as the one where it was said "clear fluid was noted, consistent with CSF" at 0:45 ?
Author: Kazigar
@joachimk93 Possibly but I believe the drain was placed at surgery and removed after the third day. The patient remains dry to today.
Author: Nigor
Excellent work Doctor!! Bravo!!
Author: Shazilkree
Are all of you heavily invested in auto insurance companies ?
Author: Natilar
Author: Gaktilar
dr schaeffer is my ent!
Author: Visida
I have brain injuries from a heavy impact into the headrest from an at fault driver, and such non-conclusive statements are common in every statement made.
Author: Taugore
Hello Dr im having a bit of a problem I have now had a headache for 8 months haven't stopped..and this all happen after a overdose on dextromophin but I can also recall liquid leaking from my nose while I'll learn on a desk or bend over...and from time to time I'll get,a cold chest and pain...but now I have ears that won't stop popping..I also had kidney stones do to overdose..doctors did a MRI but they never called back to say if there was any good or bad news they also said it could be a case of ndph new daily persistent headaches but I done understand why my chest gets cold on left side with pain and running nose almost daily...
Author: Golrajas
thank you for your reply! i will have is surgery in just over a week. i am very nervous about the pain factor!
Author: Shalar
oh god, knowning that I might have this problem, this video makes me kinda sick
Author: Dourn
hello dr. thank you for this video. can you please tell me some of the causes of this and can it ever heal or cease on it's own??? thank you.
Author: Kegrel
Since we used a lumbar drain to ensure a seal, I believe we kept it in for 4 days ,in a open position, then one day closed then discharged home. So about a week in hospital. Then an additional two weeks out of strenuous activities. She has been dry since surgery and is well healed.
Author: Shaktijora
Were a LP performed before this procedure, to drain some of the csf?
Author: Nikogar
@kishanabear Acute traumatic small CSF leaks may heal on their own either by head of bed elevation or with a lumbar drain, Larger leaks would need intervention . Acutely, a Lumbar drain should stop or slow the flow. Common causes of CSF leaks include trauma, surgical iatrogenic trauma, tumor and unknown etiology. SInce there is a risk of meningitis from a CSF rhinologic leak, it is usually recommended to surgically close the leak. BTS MD

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