Full Car Audio System Installation - Speakers, Subwoofer and Amplifier

18.06.2019   |   by Brabei

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Comments "Full Car Audio System Installation - Speakers, Subwoofer and Amplifier":

Author: Gardaramar
this is stupid clean. nice job
Author: Dacage
Man that was A SOUND SYSTEM OVERHAUL...not an "Install" !!
Author: Guk
Great job! Can u post a list of the music. Thanks
Author: Nizshura
I like how clean the installed was that I had to subscribed for more!!
Author: Dodal
Clean install. You're a great installer. Awesome video man.
Author: Doutaxe
great job. This comment section is funny!
Author: Fenrigul
All this amazing work but bad products 😩 Anyways, its a good tutorial but the products...
Author: Dirisar
21:11 bro I THOUGHT that there was an ass there for a sec
Author: Grocage
Looks great. But wish you luck with a 2019 Chevy traverse. Won’t be able to do it. The computer on the car will block everything
Author: Telkis
What. A. Pro. The attention to detail, the quality, the intelligence, holy cow this guy is awesome. I think I'll drive to wherever he is to have my stereo upgraded.
Author: JoJogami
I like how you used the Benny Hill anthem
Author: Maukora
wtf happen to him in 8:24 haha😂😂
Author: Dourg
does anyone knows if it compatible with bmw 5 series 2010?
Author: Bajinn
Talk about a MOTHERDUCKING Professional... WOW
Author: Akinoshakar
pay someone to do it for you
Author: Zugami
I love everything about this video, good cable management, good sound equipment, detailed explanations, awesome independent music. Great video man!
Author: Grokazahn
How to install subwoofers and speakers?-
Author: Tajas
Love your job❤️, I wish you were in Saudi Arabia 💔
Author: Fedal
300 dollar audio system, 1000 dollars labour!
Author: Juramar
Sir how do you connect music player to amplifier?
Author: Moogujora
Won’t running speaker wire next to power wire cause interference.....electrical noise, alternator humming??

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