How Strong Are Safety Shoes? Cheap Vs. Expensive in Hydraulic Press Test

07.07.2019   |   by Tojabei

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Comments "How Strong Are Safety Shoes? Cheap Vs. Expensive in Hydraulic Press Test":

Author: Vizragore
I've watched it
Author: Milkis
Please make a Styrofoam shrunken head video with your deep sea pressure chamber.
Author: Tara
Pro Tip: don't put your foot under a hydraulic press.
Author: Dout
This is sponsored by Nord VPN, but at 5:30 I see an ad for a competing product / brand, which I feel I shouldn't mention their name out of respect for the sponsor.
Author: Jubar
"That's going to leave Mark" 😂 😂 😂 Love this channel
Author: Naramar
Cheap : strong
Author: Murisar
This channel continue to surprise me
Author: Tygojas
Did you know ? Plastic is more expensive than steel 😂🙏
Author: Zulkilmaran
That first boot... man imagine that being ur foot. Imagine the pain you'd be in
Author: Didal
Good to know that I shouldn’t put my foot in a hydraulic press for fun
Author: Shasar
So if there is a rock of 100kg rolling on my toe I will just.. easy..
Author: Tojanris
I wonder what the maximum tow-bar and roof-rack loading of a Subaru is?... ;-)
Author: Nasho
It's not surprising both safety boots took the same load. If Finland is anything like Canada, both boots will be made to the same legal safety standards and there's no great marketing advantage to making them any stronger, so they won't.
Author: Vugul
The toe can survive having a car dropped over it, but can the person?
Author: Mor
Well, safety has a different meaning for HPC/BTP as determined by the safety inspector and engineering expert. Ballistics and projectiles protocols are politely followed, but it's the stuff people overlook like the life-threatening stumble or scratch that we must be reminded to be careful. Remember, these are professionals. Because they get paid to do this.
Author: Shakakinos
How strong is a human skull, try out please
Author: Tabar
To the channel owner, you're really something 😁 kudos to you for growing a 2 million+ audience with just a hydraulic press! Who'd have thought
Author: Mezikora
Manufacturers are you listening?
Author: Turan
Can't wait for ISIS to get a hydraulic press!
Author: JoJogul
I think the "plastic" is composite. Sure they are lighter, but i think the best bonus is that they arent as cold in winter than original steel.
Author: Vudosho
Toe guillotine's 😆😂🤣
Author: JoJoktilar
some can handle paint thinner and other corrosive stuff.
Author: Murn
everytime i get something on my safety shoes it always hits behind the steel toe typical xD
Author: Kigajar
Fun fact.
Author: Bakus
Author: Tygorisar
Lol, had a video ad of Express VPN before the video.
Author: Vutaur
Anyone that has dropped a 20 kg piece of angle iron on their foot knows that safety shoes work.
Author: Kagakazahn
It is be I crazy wild man my shoes strong 💪
Author: Kagajin
You should do hydraulic press vs. Steal
Author: Kajicage
If those metal parts get cold, your toes will be frozen the whole day no matter what.
Author: Ket
Safety shoes are designed to make a clean cut on your foot/toes during an "event"
Author: Mezik
And now we know. Thos has to be the simplest channel ever to make ot big. Amd i love it. Even the app!
Author: Kajizahn
I love that laughter in the background 😆
Author: Meztikus
Safety test idea for beyond the press: Test how well cheap vs. expensive eye protection works against sharpnell. You already have done the spinning stuff untill it breaks. Use the same rig, mount grinding discs on it and put the eye protections around it.
Author: Sataur
Incorrect method of measuring.
Author: Zulukasa
Hey Lauri, good video. Very informative.... btw, did you say the purple boot was full of "Play Toe"? 🤔 1:21 😂
Author: Ninris
Put your foot inside so we know how strong the safety plate inside with your foot inside
Author: Mezigrel
good video very interesting
Author: Tomuro
”Ufff- That gotta leave mark!”
Author: Gujind
Have a good day.
Author: Kazrar
or maybe less spikes but thicker
Author: Mazuzshura
Hydraulik vs full face helmet
Author: Malarn
Tis is te hydraulik pres tsannel and here ve ko!
Author: Vira
To the sponsors out there, this is the one channel that I actually enjoy hearing him talk about your products!
Author: Arasho
Those expensive boots have composite toe, just as strong but lighter and warmer.
Author: Faugis
expensive shoe had 1 plastic cap. 1 steel cap? I would be taking magnet to shop when buying shoe lol
Author: Kazrara
Love that you guys are getting more technical and testing things. Loved the last "math" video on BTP.
Author: Goltizshura
9:25 omfg how scripted is that LOL "and i myself use nordvpn cuz its really safe" hahahaha
Author: Bajas
how about welding some wedge shaped pieces of steel to the spikes?
Author: Nidal
Oh come on not the duck! Bird flu 🤣
Author: Kazikasa
Crush different blocks of hardwood. What's the toughest tree!
Author: Tygogis
2 days after buying the boots, foot got ran over in a carpark. The boot saved my foot.
Author: Macage
This acent🤣
Author: Dijind
Can u speak englis?
Author: Shagrel
That plastic is called "Kevlar" which is a very dense plastic and its molecules are paralleled,
Author: Shakahn
Your videos are satisfying and informative thumbs up 😍
Author: Fenrilrajas
Press idea: How about bicycle frames? Maybe a 3" chunk of seat tube in carbon, steel and aluminum? Cromoly vs HiTen would be surprising to people!
Author: Volar
This is the equivalent of throwing your phone off a building because you have a screen protector
Author: Gomuro
Love how you call them "freedom units" 😂
Author: Juzragore
god bless you Finland
Author: Nijind
You sir have earned a thumbs up. For converting the readings in KG's to standerd. That is very respectfull of you.
Author: Sakora
6:52 holy hell your'e friends with Luigi!!!?
Author: Faukus
Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Thanks to our sponsors we can afford lot of nice toys like that 150 ton force sensor. If you need VPN and wan't to support the channel go to and or use code HYDRAULICPRESS to to get 75% off a 3 year plan. I have been using NordVPN now almost 6 months and I have been really satisfied with it.
Author: Kasho
i like his accent
Author: Mauk
Please do "How Strong is Superman?" :)
Author: Samusida
Do shoes "explode"?
Author: Tojarn
Aika 5/5 englanti
Author: Kajinris
I admire your experiments and your Finglish!
Author: Nelkree
Composite, steel, aluminum, etc, all have their pros and cons.
Author: Mosar
A steel cap can easily cut your toes off on impact, the edge of the cap gets bent down and turns into a guillotine for your toes.
Author: Kigacage
try and crush NordVPN
Author: Zulutaxe
The do work up to a certain point
Author: Zuramar
None of them saved me from doing my work yet...
Author: Jushura
Elephant eye😂😂😂
Author: Visar
my feet fell hurt after watch this video
Author: Nadal
Had a worker lower the forks of a forklift onto my steeltoes with a 3000lb load onboard.
Author: Yozshuzahn
The company that produces those boots is probably cheating the tax man
Author: Mikazuru
Actually, it's going to leave little pieces of Mark.
Author: Nigul
well , in real situations , impact is very fast , like something falled from height , straight to your boot , i think results would be different unlike this slow pressure under press
Author: Arakus
Those wifey noises are just superb....
Author: Goltigami
3:38 and when you pump the lever for the hydrolic press it sound like a Walrus barking ☺
Author: Tak
I know it's empty but feels like it hurts!
Author: Goltikasa
This Dimitri channel is amazing
Author: Fenritaxe
Ok YouTube
Author: Voodookree
if play-doh is as strong as your feet without bone, then you'd be able to pull all the flesh from your bones with basically zero effort....
Author: Virg
The plastic safety toe is for non-conductive requirements
Author: Tygojind
Author: Sharisar
I love the expression he do when the spikes got fucked up "ooh noo!" hahah
Author: Gukora
it's fun to hear his wife(?) giggling in the background
Author: Micage
Had me dying lmaooo
Author: Virisar
This is the weirdest ASMR video I've seen
Author: Zuk
Because metal deforms trapping your toe. Even after the thing that did the crushing is gone.
Author: Kijin
GoPro and light in boot, watch it crush from the inside.
Author: Zuramar
Safety shoes are my bread and butter atm
Author: Shagal
please do high temp ferro steel (fire starters or flints from a lighter)
Author: Arakazahn
I like his accent 😂
Author: JoJogrel
Many, many little pieces.
Author: Zulugor
Dont you hate when you drop a passanger plane on your toe.
Author: Yolrajas
However, if you drop a hydraulic press on your foot, all bets are off. As shown by this video.
Author: Kilkis
there's diffence between when something drops on your boot, or something pressed on your boot.
Author: Nagor
Captain here yes they use plastic because metal ones actually do more damage if it get crushed and doesnt bounce back, when plastic ones bounce back till a certain point... and if it does get crush you dont have metal in your foot. also is lighter, so yeah, similar reasons why also they don't make metal helmets.
Author: Tygora
Kimi Raikkonen plays with hydraulic press
Author: Kerg
and i would like to know if my feet are safe lol
Author: Nagal
the spikes sit in a hole half the way in to the top plate, the spikes can be fixed with allan bolts that are recessed
Author: Mikami
who the hell will put his feet on Hydraulic Press!?
Author: Dagar
They're synthetic reinforced and not metallic because electric risk
Author: Zulkidal
I don’t care as long as you guys are safe.
Author: Arakora
2:10 - "That's going to leave mark."
Author: Vugal
looking at a sad elephant
Author: Nikolkis
Me at 1:00am: Shoe vs hydraulic press
Author: Mom
Next Video Idea: How strong is my wife’s love for me?
Author: Takazahn
I have steel toecap wellies called dunlop acifort. They cost about £30.
Author: Doukus
You should pick the material of the protective cap after what kind of job you're doing.
Author: Ditaur
“That gonna hurt”
Author: Vujar
8:34 the best "holy shit" I've ever heard in my life 😂
Author: Zubei
I’ve got a suggestion that may help keep the spikes from bending as easily. Add a second floating plate, similar to the base plate, above the the item you’re going to smash. This floating plate will give the spikes horizontal support. If one spike deflects, the plate will transfer the load over all the spikes instead of just one. And since it’s floating, it’ll just slide upward not interfering with the downward pressure. Anyway, just a small suggestion.
Author: Fele
Thanks god, my feet almost got pounded by 80 tons machinery
Author: Mim
The expensive boot doesnt use the plastic as protection. All those fibers you see popping out is kevlar. Thats whats used as protection
Author: Malaktilar
Author: Bakora
That's inaccurate !
Author: Juzilkree
lookup the old mythbusters episode where they test steel toe boots vs regular shoes using a large weight dropped from a reasonable height, and they had the toes filled with clay for effects, really good one, also keep up the good work u nutty people from the north <3
Author: Bam
Author: Mezinos
press dynamite to see how this press will explode 😂
Author: Namuro
When you wake up from a nightmare :
Author: Vojinn
instead of 9x5 maybe 5x5 or 4x4
Author: Dairr
Imagine if your foot was in there getting crushed. Still not as bad as stepping on a Lego.
Author: Volkis
Ouch I fell my 75000 kg anvil on my foot
Author: Kazrajin
Skip to 8:35 you can see an
Author: Meztirn
First off, I really enjoy your videos and have seen so many, and that's why I noticed this.. Do you know how to say 'used'? You say 'use-ed'
Author: JoJoran
how about a large N52 neodymium magnet ?
Author: Dougore
Don't buy Sievi's boots
Author: Goltitaur
You want plastic tips in your shoe.
Author: JoJorisar
Welcome to the hoodrolic press channel!
Author: Brajin
this way you can quickly change the demaged spikes but still have a sturdy construction with a flat surface to press on
Author: Guzragore
Author: Nikazahn
now thats an interesting video. This really helped me.
Author: Akigrel
Author: Kigasar
Holy sheet,izs plestic!
Author: Tygozuru
HOLEY SHEET! you man are awesome!
Author: Shashura
Author: JoJolkree
I guess I would be stuffed if I accidentally dropped a 74 thousand kilogram weight on my foot
Author: JoJoshakar
Next time put lenskart air flex
Author: Megami
Next, on the Hydraulic Press Channel, the cure for bunions!!
Author: Feshura
"This is the worst case scenario for your feet, ever!" .. Soooo funnny!
Author: Mokree
So i guess Sievi are not a sponsor eh!
Author: Grogami
Steel toe stopped a skid loader from crushing my foot, lucky I didn't lose a toe.
Author: Dalabar
Don't fret native traps. Always wear your Safety Sioux.
Author: Zulura
The typical protection is made of kevlar nowadays, but hardened steel tips are still used and is a cheaper alternative, but are much heavier to walk around with.
Author: Yozshuzuru
Take a shot every time he says KONTINUE
Author: Jugor
Loving the recent consumer testing videos...
Author: Shakashura
Puts 76,000 kg of force
Author: Gotaxe
Dang dude.. live this guy's accent! Keep up the good work main!
Author: Dukora
I bought steel capped shoes for my new job, thought I would wear them in, to get em comfortable.
Author: Vozragore
this test doesn't make sense. All shoes are tested according to norm and if they are not counterfeited, the have to resist described impact and pressure. All differences are - comfort, weight, materials...
Author: Mazujinn
I'm not sure but:
Author: Taukasa
the spikenator looks like something that blofeld would user on 007
Author: Shamuro
I hate work-safety shoes.
Author: Turamar
Nice educational video, although I am confused by one small issue (not something you could control).
Author: Feran
I will glad to buy Nord VPN if you crush your phone in hydraulic press.
Author: Dizil
Indian accent + Russian accent = hydraulic accent 😳
Author: Zuluhn
So don't go walking under any 150 ton presses. Gotcha.
Author: Voodooshura
Ouch!! I dropped a hydraulic press on my toe. 😂
Author: Telmaran
Summary of this
Author: Goltijinn
4600lbs is still goddamned impressive for a steel toe
Author: Totaxe
Far Fak sake. Press the ZERO button on the load cell readout.
Author: Saran
The safest safety boot is the one you actually wear
Author: Moogujora
So happy you made a video for it HPC.
Author: Dojas
It didn’t crush anything it just pinned my boot in place and I panicked and started pulling and shouting at him
Author: Vunris
Next video hydraulic press vs hydraulic press 😂
Author: Nishakar
Those machine's reminded me of the punisher, lol. good way 2 make em talk eh, lol..
Author: Kazikora
The expensive ones have composite plastic inside that is more expensive and lighter while being rated to the same safety standard, which makes the shoe easier to live with, which encourages people to use it!
Author: JoJomi
safty boots arnt dwsigned to take a constant force form something like a hydrolic press. your better setting upa drop test for best results.
Author: Shagar
lolol :D rad video. Maybe the company uses steel in one to cut costs: plus it could claim extra $$ via inflating perceived costs on work-orders.
Author: Kazrara
Keep in mind safety shoes are designed for quick impacts to save your foot - like dropping something really heavy. Not continuous pressure. That's why people lose their toes if they try to drive a forklift over them, as the shoes are designed for impact, not load.
Author: Akinogal
My safety shoes haven't really helped in saving me from my work.
Author: Taumi
Platic tips break freeing your toes
Author: Kajijin
You should have tried to wear the shoes after the half way point.
Author: Faukinos
to make it easier to possibly reattach/repair damage.
Author: Akigul
Am i the only one WHO doesnt understand him when he is talking?
Author: Fenrigami
Good old Timbs best pair of boots ever.
Author: JoJogul
Godbless, he called a phone a mobile computer
Author: Nagor
Expe : strong, durable, comfort.
Author: Juzuru
Thank you for showing how Nord VPN crushes the hackers. Now that I see that I know just how it works.
Author: Dushura
Fully encapsulated titanium safety toes...
Author: Voodoosida
I want to know how much pressure on a nail you apply before it will puncture the base
Author: Dajar
which is increasing its tensile strength.
Author: Mazuzilkree
You guys should make a video in finnish it could be cool
Author: Kagadal
Hello! could you test the argentinean "Pulqui" safeti shoes, they are really cheap
Author: Tugore
"HOLY SHEET!!!" -Hydraulicpresschannel
Author: Tosar
and attach them with screws from the back
Author: Dirr
How about crushing some various items sprayed with Line-X coating?
Author: Kazitaxe
haven't looked at this channel for about 2 years :D Glad things never changed at all, even the eppik intro music <3
Author: Nejind
make tham sharp and pointy for extra destruction
Author: Nilrajas
10:55 the spark at the end of a nail
Author: Faenris
Author: Nikozahn
Top 10 anime betrayals
Author: Voodookasa
I think you should test wich test resistance is better at impact not pressure. Try that😎
Author: Feshakar
Also, plastic or carbon is way better then alu or steel when it get's cold. An alu toe protection makes a shoe so much colder.
Author: Zuluran
This really takes the “safety” out of “safety shoes”.
Author: Nikoramar
You should've placed hot dogs inside the shoes before testing. LOL
Author: Mele
Weight as you said is a big thing as well. A heavy regular shoe tends to be less comfortable.
Author: Taugar
Me at 11:00pm: How to make ramen
Author: Vucage
usually the price depends on what rubber is used.
Author: Talkree
i totally underestimated the strength of the press Oo wtf
Author: Arashibar
I love this guy's voice!
Author: Sagul
Don't forget that having steel inside the shoe will definitely mess up your feet a lot more than the plastic if the shoe were to fail. For this reason the more expensive option is safer in case it breaks.
Author: Kishicage
2:06 Eeeouch. How did you damage up your left ring fingernail?
Author: Meztijin
"Holy shit" I been thinking about getting some carhartts with the composite toe
Author: Kajidal
In my experience, composite safety boots are much more comfortable than steel-toe in extreme temperatures.
Author: Kacage
Now I only ever wear steel capped boots.

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