Long Range AR500 Armor Test

22.07.2019   |   by JoJok

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Author: Kazradal
Rule of thumb, if it can punch through an engine block it can punch through you.
Author: Brataur
7:31 i've learned when it comes to the 50bmg NOT to wear body armor. Instead of a quick death, you'll become disemboweled by a blunt steel plate with smoke coming out of your head
Author: Vujin
I'm thinking maybe three plates of AR500 in a vest cover taped at the edges with 1" thick high density foam & a further 1" thick medium density foam at the back to help absorb the blunt force trauma.  Yes it would weigh about 23lbs be around 3" thick & be impracticle but it would be interesting to see if it would be survivable :-)
Author: Gashakar
Still waiting for a "how far will a 50 cal kill" video, maybe NASA will let you use the Hubble for a spotting scope LOL
Author: Mibar
That rifle is freaking gorgeous !
Author: Zulurr
It would be interesting to see Iraqvet DIY fabricate some type of armour plate that would defeat a 750gr solid brass projectile from a .50cal & still be survivable. 
Author: Akinosida
What about shooting some soft bodyarmour with various pistols? And getting to know which calibers and from what distance would be lethal? Haven't seen that on another popular gun YT channels yet.
Author: Nalkree
Anybody that tries to take firearms away from this man via laws is just evil. I love seeing the joy on his face after every shot!
Author: Nale
Hes so positive! like it
Author: JoJolrajas
Anzio 20mm or 700 nitro express vs plate
Author: Dazragore
Hey make video using that Sako TRG - 42 ?
Author: Duzilkree
This is what shooting is all about....Thanks for the best shooting videos on You tube.
Author: Daikazahn
"you don't want to get shot by a 50 cal"... i would agree LOL
Author: Metaur
I believe it safe to say when a 50 BMG hits you....its like the finger of God....
Author: Bralar
I still wanna see some 20mm rifle against balistic bob. but fill bob with red jello
Author: Nikomi
A 50 makes the armor kill you.
Author: Daile
Almost 10,000 Ft lbs. Wow.
Author: Dugami
The most impressive hit was that .50 hitting ballistic Bob and crushed him both across the belly and chest turning the plate into a weapon. Might as well have just turned a claymore toward Bob and set it off, same effect.
Author: Kigazilkree
Whats more badass than this.
Author: Jusho
"The plate became weaponized by the 50"
Author: Arashinos
SUOMI MAINITTU TORILLA TAVATAAN! finland mentioned ! nice job
Author: Daigar
lol I just got interrupted right before the .50 to watch a hillary ad.... good job google
Author: Nemi
Thank god you made this vid! There's no way I would have known that getting shot by 50 cal sucks haha!

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