PIC16F84a Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) with Code

10.06.2019   |   by Nerisar

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Comments "PIC16F84a Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) with Code":

Author: Vudogami
hi,whats the value of the capacitors associated with the crystal?, i tried to make it with 8 MGHz external crystal but did not work , may be i should change to 4 MGHz.
Author: Kakree
kindly explain "range=(width*10)/58;"
Author: Nejin
what song is this..?
Author: Vudozahn
pin 2 trig-----------RB2
Author: Vosar
Your links isn't working
Author: Dalrajas
Excuse me, which is the component list??? Thanks
Author: Bashakar
Hello friend, I want to do this proyect but with the flowcode is possible can you make it ??
Author: Kazshura
thank you....
Author: Daisida
2 capacitors that capacity you have, what is your number?
Author: Goshura
You use 5 Volts?
Author: Kazrajas
pin 4 GND
Author: Kelar
Somebody please share the code :/ I badly need it
Author: Fenrijinn
hi is it possible to display the distance in a LCD or in 7-segment displays
Author: Zulugal
and HC-SR04
Author: Zuzilkree
thanks very much
Author: Kagam
what should I write Instead of { while (PORTA.F3==0}
Author: Goltigul
is the code the same when using PIC16f887? 
Author: Goltimi
pin 1 vcc
Author: Negul
Ploy Supatcha the code will be the same for all PIC but if the PIC has analog pins you must set it to digital at first and you must check the crystal settings used.
Author: Tejind
the program?
Author: Gosho
No puedo descargar el codigo
Author: Arazuru
thank you very much, your amazing video :)
Author: Mezihn
im using pic16f886
Author: Tushicage
I got RC2 //led
Author: Mikagor
pin 3 echo---------RB3
Author: Aramuro
1.sorry , the crystal is 4 mhz or that capacity? 
Author: JoJotilar
fail link, please new link
Author: Niktilar
can i use this code with PIC16f627a ??
Author: Tauzahn
thank you
Author: Kegal
hi MJ j
Author: Yozshujin
help me please thanks again
Author: Nihn
im just asking what is (while (PORTA.F3==0)
Author: Dukora
the data sheet explains that to find the range in inches you divide the time elapsed in micro second on 58, I've multiplied the time by 10 because I've taken 1 increment each ten micro seconds so each increment in width has 10us so to represent it you must multiply by 10 so 10 increments is 10x10=100us.

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