SAMSUNG F40 vs Canon FS300 vs SONY SX40

24.07.2019   |   by Mirn

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Author: Akinolabar
I'm sure am glad that I saw this video before buying a camcorder
Author: Meztibar
even caonon zoom was less but picture was still clear
Author: Malamuro
samsung is best.
Author: Tar
Thanks for this! You made a really nice comparison!
Author: Fejora
thx :)
Author: Kakus
btw, what song did you put in the background? xP
Author: JoJolmaran
This is why I just bought my Samsung F40 for $130.
Author: Zutaur
anyone tell me, is it written on the samsung smx f40 back just in the place were you install the battery MADE IN CHINA? as what i saw in the store says that, at the same time some ppl told me in america it is written ASSEMBLED IN CHINA, so is this one is an imitated ir fake version outside america? thnx
Author: Zumuro
And it takes shitty ass pictures too.
Author: Faezilkree
anyone answer, cant the lcd screen be tilted upwards so you look down on it if the camera is under you?
Author: Dalmaran
Samsung F40 wins
Author: Nakus
it's only good for time lapse.
Author: Shale
Great video!! I love it!
Author: Shakasa
@thebibleastronaut Thanx for the tips but I found out that it was the usb cord that came with the camcorder. I found 1 I had laying around the house hooked it up and I have no more problems.
Author: Tygogore
@TheTripleBstudios the cannon maybe good..but it didt win any of these test.
Author: Vogul
@thebibleastronaut littlebit but its not great for it
Author: Gardagis
Thanks for this, very helpful.
Author: Yolmaran
@TheTripleBstudios I'm getting a FS300 in the future.
Author: Doulmaran
Think you a lot you help me a lot to buy my camera
Author: Taull
It may have come a close second in some of the tests, but as it didnt win.. it looks bad.
Author: Mezitilar
Yea.. Samsung ever in first in, LED, digital camera with 2 displays.. ever on first on Innovation, please i not say is the bestt mark but is awesome.
Author: Akigal
Author: Kazitilar
Anyway....I need a cheap utilitarian camcorder and this Samsung fits the bill perfectly.
Author: Arashigar
perhaps a % rating may have been better.
Author: Zolobei
I recently got the Canon FS300, I like it very much :)
Author: Dolmaran
That video was really enjoyable. I liked the music and everything about it haha
Author: Malami
Those cameras shoot great quality video, in my opinion.
Author: Keran
how about comaring the most important feature: video quality?? day and night videos? compared??
Author: Kek
So Helpful to me... Goooooooooooood!!!
Author: Nikasa
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.. but I have tried all the different settings..
Author: Malanos
wow...very helpful. thanks
Author: Mazugami
@cdlourie I have a samsung too and I love it!
Author: Kajilkree
thank for the video....
Author: Douran
Thanks so much for this great review, I didn't know which one to get I was actually going to get sony because of name brand recognition but after seeing this video i see how much sony sucks bad. I'm going to get the samsung it looks soo amazing it comparison with the others it dominates by BIIIGGG)G MARGIN!!! Thanks so much great vid!!! :-)
Author: Vurn
the canon fs300 you used must have been screwed up, it can do so much better
Author: Nejinn
I have Samsung K40 which is an upgrade of the F40
Author: Fenrizshura
@Anomaly003 what the hell? i agree about the pictures not being great. but have you even tried messing with it. becaus there are diferent settings and options you can change to make it look good. like in daylight tv2000 mode makes every frame super clear with no blur at all. i personally think it takes great quality. look at some of my recent videos with fs300 in the description.
Author: Vogar
Thnks for testing and sharing... helpful video
Author: Grorn
sooo is this a test or a dude just basically "Dick Riding" a Samsung camera T_T???
Author: Jule
Is the video quality good, cause a lot people say its bad
Author: Mazulkree
samsung cams are not so good ;D ...
Author: Golkree
I'm mainly comparing these low end cameras with cameras like the canon 60D and 7D..
Author: Nehn
now for the bad news they edit software wont work with window 64bit xp-vista win 7. had going on some site going for sale..then review hit the issues.
Author: Dabei
if u buy the samsun, u dont need to use the software it comes with, right?
Author: Doran
Awesome comparison.
Author: Voodootaxe
@TheTripleBstudios I have one.. and it SUCKS.
Author: Sazahn
@TheTripleBstudios yea its fuckin sick. i have examples on my channel. : P bast camera ever for under $250 i love it. it has all the features you need.
Author: Zuluzahn
ha yes im definatley buing the samsung
Author: Taramar
My goodness! Excellent video! Very interesting, thanks
Author: Gardashura
and the quality??!! the best thing of a camera......
Author: Kagarr
you guys are dumb, you put the canon fs300 on picture mode! no onder it wasnt as wide..........
Author: Shagami
When I made a movie in untelli studio with my samsung f40, I uploaded it to YouTube and entered all the info and I checked the site but I didn't see my video and now a day later I still don't see my video! HELP ME PLEASE! ANYONE!
Author: Tumi
in terms of picture, I tried the Canon FS30 not FS300 and it has better picture quality
Author: Kisho
aha amzing video!
Author: Bazuru
i'have a Samsung f40
Author: Dajora
Cool Video.. but Samsung F40 no HD? aka 720p
Author: Doujas
the f50 y better ??thanks.
Author: Dataur
Wow, The F40 dominates!
Author: Voodootaur
is there a pause button on the samsung f40??
Author: Doukazahn
@SDTyson hmm.. looks a bit better than the quality on my videos..
Author: Meztigar
I love my wifes samsung f40 but I shot some vids and with the downloading program it keeps going in and out and I cant upload anything if anyone knows what the problem is plz let me know
Author: Akinojinn
So for the time-lapse go for Samsung.
Author: Sharamar
is that a Samsung SMX-F40?
Author: Tukasa
so it makes it look bad.
Author: Moogutilar
The bad point of Samsung camcorders is always the motion. It is not smooth at all. Please notice this point. I was impressed by the online reviews like you, then I had to pay off.
Author: Fenrilkis
is it good for recording High School soccer games?
Author: Braramar
I bought and using. .. highly recommend. .. compare to many other camcorder its more like telescope...
Author: Taukinos
either way, the samsung looks better, no?
Author: Arashinos
Stupid Q are these HD?!
Author: Shagis
thank you very much!! this was very helpful! :)
Author: Arashigore
Wow. This made me feel waaayyy better about the samsung f40 camcorder my aunt just bought me... THANKYOU!!!
Author: Douzragore
I used my F40 to record my playing piano, but there's a weird noise recorded whenever I play ( I tested with other sounds and no noise appeared), the sound is like something is torn inside the mic and moving or scratching the mic. Don't know why? I used my Canon camera to record and didn't have this problem...
Author: Zolosida
Great video -- thank you!!
Author: Mezigar
thinks again and keep sharing ( :
Author: Marisar
and looks like the samsung wins :D not the biggest weight difference either.
Author: Masar
yes canon is better they think your test is doubtful
Author: Grogis
sony is second, they are ok. however, samsung comes in last. their products are cheap. in this case they offer more zoom, more battery life and a few more features to compensate for their lack in quality.
Author: Salabar
this helped. thanks
Author: Voodoonos
i bought this samsung f40 camera but it battery 3:20 hours only not 4:19 as you said !!!!
Author: Kagatilar
Thanks a lot...
Author: Zologrel
For pictures and versatility go for Canon.
Author: Kelkree
nice video. i would take quality before quantity. canon's cameras are the best on the market. they use top of the line processor chips and lenses. many professionals stand behind canon, they are the best.
Author: Kazikree
Now that you mention it though, maybe the Samsung F40 was a better choice... I just had no faith in it 'cos I couldn't test it out in stores & that Dual-view camera was just horrible.
Author: Zulushakar
You're videos are okay, but are still quite pixely.. (If that's even a word)
Author: Samunris
The Canon gives you a wider angle of video if you turn off Dynamic Image Stabilization and just use regular image stabilization. Also you should have done some low lighting comparisons, although to be honest none of these three models are going to give good video in dim light.
Author: Dagore
Now I like my F40 more ever hehehe
Author: Bazilkree
The video quality is not clear at all.
Author: Migrel
Osea que le chupas los huevos a la Samsung
Author: Kazijora
What was this filmed with?
Author: Milabar
I have the Samsung f40, so far I like it. Some mentioned that it doesn't have a mic input - but the stuff I make, it's not as crucial.
Author: Zubar
@miamad F40 however has longer battery life like 4hours or so while K40 has regular battery life.
Author: Daizilkree
I second that V ... Amazing Vid.... I was already thinking about getting the Samsung one.. and after watching this vid.. I have no doubts anymore....
Author: Nikolkree
I love this camera and this video looks amazing.
Author: Dutaur
My god...the difference is stunning. I often tell any who listen about the garbage Sony churns out these days. Do they even make half of this stuff anymore or is the brand name just licensed out?
Author: Faegal
and ability to focus which the Samsung doesn't. Samsung pic mode is basically a frame shot from the video quality. while the Canon has an authentic photo-mode with even face-detection and ability to focus.
Author: Vikora
since 2007 or 2008 samsung has been making products for sony, so its hard to say what you actually get between samsung and sony.
Author: Yozshule
In my opnion the samsung is also the one with the coolest design among them...
Author: Kazikinos
@miamad K40 is the upgrade it has a pseudo-HD mode which the F40 doesn't have + I think you can't add filters on F40 while you can on K40.
Author: Bajin
What about audio?
Author: Tenos
as for the Sony it's a no-brainer throw it

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