Sony S-Frame Unboxing & First Impressions!

21.06.2019   |   by Taunos

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Comments "Sony S-Frame Unboxing & First Impressions!":

Author: Kigazil
Epic Effect @ 17:00
Author: Gorg
This one was SO DAMN "EPIC" !!
Author: Daibei
CAmera gear????
Author: Kigak
awesome piece of art.
Author: Zugore
Author: Doubar
One of the best impressions on youtube!
Author: Mazushakar
Damnnnnnnnnnn Amazing Shots!!!
Author: Kejar
Awesome Edit, And Shots!!! Amazing Photography...
Author: Vok
Nice Effects and impressions!
Author: Mazukazahn
Thanks bruh! @Arcfrost
Author: Vorr
Love Your Edits And Razor Sharp Shots....
Author: Turamar
Amazing Video!!
Author: Zulkihn
good video but u started with footprintof. dom esposito
Author: Shasar
Keep it up!!
Author: Moogule
keep it up better than previous one
Author: Shakasho
Getting better and better....😉😁
Author: Tekree
awesome piece of art.
Author: Moogukora
Wow that starting is awesomely amazing!
Author: Mikakasa
Ripple Effect nailed it!
Author: Tojall frame...different from others...all the best
Author: Voodookazahn
heyy...nice video... keep it up✌👍
Author: Meztizuru
Epic Photography!!
Author: Dasida
Thumbs Up! Epic!!!!
Author: Mikalar
Really amazing video and nice effects. Keep it up:-)
Author: Mazahn
Woah!!! Just A 1ne Word!!! EPIC!!!!!

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