What Makes It Different? Condor Primitive Sequoia Knife

23.06.2019   |   by Tazuru

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Author: Kigalmaran
I have not used or owned any of the Condor knives but I do like the looks of their primitive knife line cause they do have unique look to them and I do like the looks of their bushlore knives to but like I said I have not owned or used any of them hell I have not even seen any Condor knives in my area yet.
Author: Samuhn
#gideonstactical The price and edge retention would prevent me from spending that much money on it, but I love the design of the blade and handles. Actually thought the handle scales were wood at first glance.
Author: Vujora
Like a Short machete might as well just get a tramotina in 12 inches
Author: Nikotaur
it's not the tool you would take to the woods... point blank. its a jungle blade.
Author: Dohn
It isn't even 1/4 as versatile as the combo of the Condor E tool (modified to have a 6" saw blade and real kerf) and a modified Crunch multi-tool, with a 10' Silky saw blade to be held in the visegrip of the Crunch. Yes, my pair weigh 1 3/4 lbs, but they can do a LOT more of what's needed. Matt carefully avoids cold country. :-) Wise man. But if you can't do likewise, best have lots more ability to gather wood, make a tarp shelter more viable, feed yourself, defend yourself. Get caught carrying this knife in the towns or cities, ,even in your car, you're going to jail. Be seen with a pack and an e tool in a sheath, nobody will give a damn, and it's a MUCH better weapon in a fight than any belt knife. That thing will cleave a man almost in half. and if it's thrown and hits you solidly, it wont matter if the 'point" hits you or not. You'll still be very seriously injured. Ditto for dealing with mean dogs, etc. You can split wood with a saw (in a couple of ways) Chopping is noisy, inefficient and dangerous. Using a saw is discrete, more effective and MANY times less likely to hurt you. Carry the extra pound of weight, have a little more bulk, and have a LOT more of the capability that you need!
Author: Dairr
great video
Author: Mojinn
Awesome review. I only have one Condor knife, that's the Moonshiner. Great knife and omg can it get so razor sharp. It is softer steel, but I haven't experienced the rolling or chipping, even when used on hard wood. It does dull faster than my TOPS knives, but it doesn't hurt to carry a field sharpener. The design is phenomenal, but it would be nice to see them use 1095 or 5160 even if it may cost a little more.
Author: Mikalabar
pass.great work Aaron:-)
Author: Vular
You are absolutely right , a great design and leather sheath , but Condors steel "SUCKS" !! I have 2 Condors and the dings and rolls on the blade drove me nuts. If you want a excellent big , lightweight "choppa" with a 10" blade , that weigh's about 15 ounces , remember the Ontario SP5 ? YES , I have one , I took the coating off mine and put a great Edge Pro edge on it, I love that knife , good 1095 steel , a decent nylon De Santos sheath , and only $55.00 . Now thats a good deal . I beat the piss out of mine and never have to worry about it .
Author: Mauzahn
Very cool looking knife but I've had nothing but bad experiences with Condor's 1075 steel. not for me.........
Author: Kazilrajas
I hate Condor's grinds. I convex my edges (and sometimes the grind itself to an extent, if it is especially steep) and the point is to take off the shoulders. Not thin it out a ton, but definitely not make it steeper. Condor's grinds have a sharp transition (shoulder) from edge to grind, and they are steep and blunt, both seem like half-assed ways to make a durable "convexed" edge knife while saving money on production.
Author: Tojagore
like the design it looks great, but for 87 bucks i will
Author: Arashilar
Meh, looks like a cut down machete.
Author: Dosida
I'd convert the point into a semi- bowie.
Author: Vimi
I feel like the extra cost is simply paying for the name attached to it... which is silly of course.
Author: Voodooshakar
i am a fan of matt,but 80 bucks!i will pass.,nice job as always Aaron;-)
Author: Tegal
Blades already been proven from years of Matt graham basically using the same knife in the wilderness for years.its only 1075 with a thin blade it’s gonna role.To exspensive $50 is more like it for a condor in 1075 steel.I do luv the look though it’s pretty 😁.
Author: Moogugul
Heat treat could be off causing edge roll. Great review.
Author: Zukazahn
A bit harder steel, a bit thicker, and like a broken back seax ie drop point but also a bit "higher" back ie more rhombic with the point in line of the handle then I would buy it.
Author: Yomi
Knife like axe:)
Author: Tenris
yup I'l be getting this. I held off on the first matt graham collab but this is too cool
Author: Arashihn
Skrama Bush tool vs sequoia???
Author: Arashigore
Maybe it will stay sharp longer with a microbevel? Also might prevent further edgeroll.
Author: Mezisar
Thanks Dr Dave
Author: Dousho
Another great review
Author: Zulkilkis
$75 with 1095 and 3/16" or 1/4" that's what it should be...
Author: Moogushakar
keep them coming great video
Author: Meziran
I have several Condor knives but they all have a lousy edge retention. My Condor bushlore is the worst of all 👎👎
Author: Kazisar
I like your observation about who this is for
Author: Moogutaur
Great review and I agree! Change the metal or lower the price and I’m in, love the look of the blade. If they drop to $60 or below, I buy this now.
Author: Malam
This very design is what caused me to quite condor, it's a $40 machete with $70 worth of decorations. And don't hold your breath for a 1095 upgrade, it'll still be at the same rockwell of 55, they make 1095 blades now and that's what the rockwell is on them. Instead I wish other makers would start making thinner blades on some of their knives.
Author: Yozshulrajas
Cost effective and readily available vs. expensive and specialized.
Author: Yojinn
Very nice man
Author: Malakasa
Good video,but I think I'll stick with my TOPS BOB. I can beat on it all day and not worry about edge retention.
Author: Fegul
Every condor knife I've ever used suffered from edge damage. The most excessive abuse I do is trimming small to med size limbs off trees or maybe cutting down a small sapling.
Author: Makus
Love it! nice big belly on that knife. Looks great
Author: Kecage
I have a Varan and an Machete. My machete is much better than the Varan though.
Author: Groramar
I did just make the point about the thickness of the junglas 2 in another blade review saying that if it had a blade thickness like the sequoia it would be perfect as a potential one tool option. So I definitely agree with you about having 1095 and a good heat treat like esee does with the sequoia knife any any knife like it.
Author: Kazralkree
With headphones It's like listening to someone spitting, drooling into ur ears lol nice blade tho
Author: Shaktilkree
Hey, Aaron. Great, fair review. Listening to your conclusions, it seems like the knife you're looking for from Condor is the Primitive Camp Knife. I have some experience with it and it's a great carver which can handle light batoning. 1095, micarta, scandi, $66.54 as I type. Check it out?
Author: Nikomuro
Its a fun knife to take on a trip, chops really well
Author: Voodoolabar
I'm surprised you can baton with a knife that thin I wouldn't take a chance lol I think I'd prefer the essee
Author: Nit
It’s a short machete. Compare it to a 12” Tramontina.
Author: Maugrel
To expensive for what it is. Good video thanks.
Author: Vudorisar
You are absolutely right !!! ... for $10-15 more I can get tops 12 inch machete !!! 1095 thicker stock , HR 58 !! an exelent bush tool !!! My body has one for 4 years !!! there is no task he can not handle with it in the bush. I have ontario 12 inch machete with convex 25 degree edge ... it is not as goid as tops ( steel is softer HR 55 ) but it's only $20-25 + i spend one evening to modify it's to my needs. !!))
Author: Akisar
Hey Aaron, Spyderco Manix 2 or the Positron for 99?
Author: Zuramar
Nice knife, and on the cheap too! Cheers -From Vancouver BC 😄
Author: Kekazahn
Stop bro...buy a axe...thin is better.
Author: Fetaur
I have a Condor Bushlore, it's meh. Looks good but dulls quickly. Probably won't buy anything else from them.
Author: Kezuru
Great video brah! I agree the Condor 1075 Steel does not hold an edge like it should. I believe this is intentional for ease of sharpening and repair in the field. I purchased the Sequoia knife last week should be here soon. I really like the design but I was hesitant because of the price point. Also when you talk about da jungle mention Hawaii not just Florida LOL Mahalo
Author: Yozshugor
Dear Aaron.hallo from Greece. Congrats for your grade work!!I want to make a small request...due to the fact that here in Greece our access to most of the knife brands is very limited I have after searching concluded to the benchmade bushcrafter 162 and I would very much like to hear your opinion about the knife!!a review would be very much appreciated!!
Author: Nikole
$90 for a knife whose edge rolls with normal, albeit hard use? I'll pass. I have watched your channel for years and don't remember a knife review where the edge rolled so easily. It is a big knife and should be used for bigger jobs, but the steel cannot take it.
Author: Gara
Author: Dougis
Survival Its priced the way it is because of the sheath and handles lower steel saves money for better handles and a better sheath compare this knife to any of the beckers.... why does no one realize this??
Author: Daishura
One of the first things I do on all of my carbon steel knifes is put a patina on it to prevent rust!
Author: Kajizragore
Wow😀 sooo beautiful knife🔪 design on blade
Author: Maujar
Maybe 55.00 . Too many hard woods here. Hanging on my Bk s
Author: Gogar
yours has a bad heat treat
Author: Faukora
Thanks much my friend this is a lot of help. 1095 would grab me for sure. God bless and keep you 😇
Author: Vudogrel
Design like a Scandinavian Leuku. Large wide but thin blade with flat & scandi grind.
Author: Mezizil
This knife looks more like a thin machete and the Esse is more of a chopper. This Condor would work better chopping huge green material but I wouldn’t try chopping hard wood with a blade that thin and light
Author: Mazull
Condor used to be one of my favorite companies, but once they became overly proud of themselves and started charging like $85+ for all of their stuff, they basically lost me as a customer. There was a ton of their 2017 things I wanted, but I only ended up with 2 of them, compared to previous years where I was buying almost all their new stuff.
Author: Mooguzuru
I have the condor mini duku and its almost 3/16
Author: Nikogor
Your reviews are concise, succinct and relevant! Moreover you do not play distracting music which detracts from reviews. I value your expertise and experience.
Author: Vir
I bought two Condors and they were trash. Mine roll like that too.
Author: Goltinos
Big blades purpose is to chop light weight just does not do it this does not take brain surgery . But then again a good silky will just toast any knife on the market
Author: Bagrel
Condor should really think about up-grading their steel or do a different heat.
Author: Gardakora
Excellent review, Aaron! Completely agree with your summation - it's a cross between a big knife and a short machete - which is great as a main tool in the right environment. Like you, it really caught my eye earlier this year - the aesthetics and the design concept both appealed to me. So I'm disappointed to hear that it's not holding up well to wood processing tasks, and that the street price is still so high. Could it be a heat treatment problem with that one or that batch? Because I haven't had edge damage issues with my other Condors made of 1075.
Author: Goltizuru
Author: Gam
Probably just needs more convex. They should take the effort used to put runes on the blade and direct it to making the edge profile work with the steel choice. Nothing wrong with 1075. Condor just doesn't get the most out of it.
Author: Mazusar
I have one of these and the first thing I did was to slightly reprofile the edge after using it for a short time. Like many new Scandiesque grinds, the zero edge is simply too thin and will be damaged by normal use. So, a slight micro bevel makes all the difference in the world for edge strength and retention. Give it a shot brother.
Author: Molrajas
is that a scandi grind I see?
Author: Zulkirn
Great video man.I have the original Matt Graham/Condor Primitive Bush Knife,I love it.Condor has definitely stepped up their game in the past few years.
Author: Duzuru
I have a couple condors but they all came came razor sharp. Great vid and sick knife!
Author: Yojinn
Thanks for another great video! I actually waited a day to see this before I order a knife. With that price and the downsides, albeit it looks cool, I'll go with the Bk7.
Author: Meztilkis
The only condor I will have ever gotten will be the bushlore. It was not ground well at all, the handle scales weren't lined up, and it was just too much money for something of that poor of quality for me.
Author: Kazizahn
And I like your video 😊
Author: Yozshukinos
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a kabar usmc gauntlet? Like the gerber strongarm??
Author: Zolozuru
#mailbag why won’t you answer my bow e or buoy pronunciation? You’ve skipped my questions on two #mailbag already?
Author: Malajar
I understand where you are coming from, they do need better heat treat imo but also El Salvador is mainly jungle so they need thinner blades with lower Rockwell because they are not chopping through hardwood often mainly vines and jungle brush.
Author: Moogunos
Unique knife. What boots were you wearing? Looking for some new ones soon
Author: Shakticage
Thanks GT!
Author: Meztim
What about the moonstalker
Author: Doukora
Being 3mm spin thickness, that's why its light.
Author: Zolonos
So please explain to me the point of battoning? And I mean someone who has a good reason, not some "expert"
Author: Dojinn
Thanks for the video as always my friend. No way is that condor knife worth that price. Should be about 55 to 60 dollars at most. So many better choices out there for 87 to 100 dollars.
Author: Turisar
Nice review! Have you checked out the Condor Primitive Bush Knife? It is about the same price if you get the Micarta scales but if you get the Walnut scales it is about $15 cheaper. I own the Bushlore with Micarta scales and I like it a lot. I have read about some people having the edge roll and some not on the same knife. Some have returned theirs and received a new one that did not have the same problem so it may be a luck of the draw sort of thing. I might consider returning it for a replacement and seeing if there is a difference. I would like to see them use a 1085 HC or a 1095 HC too although all of the Condor knives I have seen are 1075 so I am not sure that they use anything else. Thanks for sharing
Author: Sazshura
It sounds like yours had a bad heat treat
Author: Bakree
I like mine allot also except the soft edged
Author: Meziramar
Pete Kohler video bomb! Awesome video! I think (just my opinion) the heat treat is not there in any of the Condor knives. Good starter blades for sure though!
Author: Kajim
Yea I like this knife Matt does a good job with his designs. Would I buy it? No. Condor prices have gone up since their involvement with more celebrities. There are so many more choices out there at considerable less prices. So, nice knife but not for me. Nice job.
Author: Ararisar
I love the review man and continue to appreciate all of the great info that you give us in these knife reviews keep it up!
Author: Gurg
I can do better with my $10.00 Tramontina machete!
Author: Dukazahn
I bought one Condor knife, (primitive bush knife) never again! They only have a email contact ( no phone number on their website) and they don't answer emails either.... HORRIBLE customer service!
Author: Vorr
Funnily there are clones out already. Just found one at a german knife show.
Author: Meztijin
You should check out the Condor heavy duty kukri
Author: Kajira
Could you review the condor primitive bush knife? By Matt Graham at some point?
Author: Brazahn
After a few sharpenings, edge problems will cease, ive experienced that in my hudson bay
Author: Shagrel
On the edge retention and softness, as a Filipino I'm coming from a "third world" perspective (and since Condor K&T are based out of S. America, I think I understand the design specifications). Traditionally, we don't have an abundance of resources and have thus had to make do/improvise on tools and equipment, so all things being equal, it would be better to have a softer steel or lower Rockwell # so you could easily repair on a common kitchen stone or river rock in the field than a high-end steel requiring a specialized/exotic diamond/ceramic thingy which would be quite expensive anyway.
Author: Meztizragore
I like the design but don't like edge rolling. So maybe (probably) it is overpriced indeed.
Author: Marn
Condor is gypping people with this cheap steel. I'll stick with Ontario.
Author: Akinoshicage
No shit, you're using the knife as an axe. Of course it's going to mess it up.
Author: Kazigor
Great video, spot on about edge retention. Price point though when comparing to esee you said this knife was too costly but better than the esee 6 except steel, the esee 6 is way too pricey in my opinion.

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