Korn Lead Guitarist, Brian Head Welch, on His Surrender to Jesus

11.07.2019   |   by Vudozil

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Comments "Korn Lead Guitarist, Brian Head Welch, on His Surrender to Jesus":

Author: Samut
I'll never understand why guys wear make up lol......but im so glad he's saved! Praise Jesus!
Author: Kazragor
Satan! This shall be the day you remember you almost caught... Captain... Brian... "Head"... Welch!
Author: Akinoran
I love him!
Author: Malamuro
Least charismatic hosts ever?
Author: Fenrigul
Absolutely the coolest thing I've ever heard! Jesus saves!
Author: Kazikazahn
Awesome! Jesus is so real. There is no doubt. I love seeing all this proof being shown to the world. All you have to do is look around and He is there. Once you are his it is forever. Amen
Author: Miran
This interviewer keeps interrupting
Author: Samubar
I need the Lord in my Life , I feel so Empty..
Author: Mazuzshura
I love this.. Thankyou for your testimony.
Author: Kegrel
U can only tell Jesus is real when u actually feel it for yourself
Author: Mazugar
love of God our father.
Author: Gujar
Praise God, the Devil lost another one!!!!
Author: Faezil
Its funny how it works, I've made all the mistakes you can make. And they're all melting away now that I've let Christ in.
Author: Voodoogami
4:24 the way he talks. U can so tell when someone is so genuinely street. I can't even explain.
Author: Fekazahn
It IS so real. He speaks the truth.
Author: Sar
God bless you Head! Jesus loves you and so do every last one of us whom have been moved by your music and your talent! you are gifted and you are a blessing!!
Author: Zoloktilar
keep calm and listen listen listen the what's that
Author: Dashicage
He is so cool
Author: Shakagal
AMEN Brother, been there...Nothing replaces the
Author: Mizilkree
So legit! Praise Jesus our lord and savior who died at the cross for our sins folks!
Author: Bajin

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