Oren Lyons on the Indigenous View of the World

12.07.2019   |   by Dikree

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Author: Magore
Native Americans Under Siege, from Sacred Lands
Author: Fenribei
Very inspiring. Thank you. :)
Author: Durisar
Author: JoJoshura
Author: Mokinos
This man is a great leader because he took instruction from the Peacekeeper.
Author: Domuro
I love you, Oren Lyons! All my relatives.
Author: JoJok
Thank you for sharing this incredible interview with Oren Lyons.
Author: Durr
Respect is a Law!!! Yes this is food for the soul!!!
Author: Shakagami
It was a balance between us all and no one person can do that. It is a mutual respect for all.
Author: Murg
A talk of profound and insightful simplicity for which I am grateful. It is an honor to listen to Chief Lyons.
Author: Grojin
Hello. I am in Australia. I have just seen and listened to this presentation and I want to thank you, Oren for your great wisdom and sharing this with us. As far a I am concerned you are spot on and we need to change the way we live, away from greed, power, scarceness and avarice towards, love, peace abundance and respect for mother earth. It will come eventually as it is the only way, but who can tell whether it is sooner or later. My feeling is it will get much worse for humanity because we refuse to wake up!
Author: Nizil
You speak the truth! the truth shall set us free! Bless You!
Author: Galmaran
The only civilization left on this earth. Some people fight for dominion and Power, while others fight for Survival. They think they are Greater than the Creator. Power is blinding them. They know nothing about Nature and The Law of Nature and the secrets of this law. Too bad for the people, they turned them into monsters, and they forgot what Nature did to their underground beasts.
Author: Nall
[A Historical Journey, by Doug George-Kanentiio was on that site, but is preserved here: https://parliamentofreligions.org/content/historical-journey
Author: Masida
Author: Vushakar
Nothing has change with the USA today. The world must live , and talk like the while people.... the Russian must live like the American, the Arab must live like American, and the Chinese must live like the American, . Our way of live is a threat to their so call democratic ... I’d we do not comply, we are the evil empire, they will invite us , or destabilise our country in the name of democracy. ... they kill American Indian and call that war.. they kill Arab today, call that war to get ride of ever... they have no problem to start war with Russia, they have no problem to start war with china, .. what is happening.... the world has no peace with the USA around..
Author: Vukora
Author: Bratilar
Author: Zukus
How can one man speak on behalf of a segregated part of humanity. You are your life style. You are creating an illusion. My earth has been polluted as well.You piece of your land with ownership on reservations. I know several cheifs who have stolen money from your tribes. You are human and make the same mistakes as all rulers who own territories.
Author: Faegis
Much RESPECT 👍❤🌈
Author: Tygokree
From 2007:
Author: Akinozil
Author: Zulkirisar
I’ve felt so disconnected from my culture. My family was hit hard by boarding school and the churches... my uncle passed and struggled with alcoholism... he was so intelligent, and I believe the last of one of the last who could read and write the old high Koyukon Athabaskan.. so I came here and then as I crawled out of despair I grabbed my feather hair tie and put it in. I put my turquoise rock in my necklace with my turquoise ring my late father gave to my sister and she passed to me because I have nothing left from him. I walked into the unemployment office, they were closed, and when I was walking back to my car wondering if I was being delusional in the belief that I could hope to help heal this disharmony and chaos.. feeling like a fraud. Feeling hopeless. Feeling unworthy. I seen a father in the wind, my second feather I’ve found. And I smiled. I am on the right path. Thank you.
Author: JoJozshura
May "The Creator" Bless us All
Author: Tygojin
The underlying roots and "foundation" strutures come from actions and work of many generations of shared incites on the principles at the "heart" of the Great Law of Peace is well time we come to Recognize these examples .. and act on them.
Author: Batilar
Thank you for your knowledge
Author: Tygoshura
Come home 🏡! Please.
Author: Molmaran
Turtle Clan Faithkeeper. Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons carries Traditionalist Haudenosaunee Wisdom-Medicine~
Author: Temuro
need leaders like this
Author: Faegar
Oneida Indians Move to Unseat Casino Boss, from The New Standard, by Katherine Comp
Author: Akinokora
Author: Yokazahn
Thank you, so much sir. Please keep us in truth,I am thankful for you and your people..bless all.
Author: Sashura
Also, see more recent article:
Author: JoJorisar
Author: Arashibar
Thank you for keeping the ceremonies
Author: Kazrasida
do you know why they our scared? They broke Moses laws and he new they was going to lie along so they killed him but do you read about that know they will play hell with me i have Israel too hmm i prove it scientifically hmm
Author: Gosho
The three natural laws. It is what an Elder said.
Author: Zulugul
Scary great white shark fin😲
Author: Akinoll
how far are we from sun
Author: Kazrajar
Much of which is on a 2006 Blog, which does tell much of the story: http://yorkstaters.blogspot.com/2006/02/shame-of-central-new-york-or-how-one.html
Author: Dosar
This nothing new the whole world know and once we get it under the 10 Commandment physic will take care of it for us hmm
Author: Fet
You are here now. Do right during your lifetime. Regardless of your past.
Author: Zugar
Some may want money and forget to take care of one another. And it's hard when your oppressed. That what we do is an interference. No one owns it and we kept it safe like a sanctuary. Some take advantage of hutash.
Author: Kagataur
why was he not president
Author: Najar
Compassion honor equality love victory peace 😊
Author: Dom
Thank you for all your wisdom! Thank you!
Author: Barn
Contrarily, Oneida Traditionalists, Wolf Clan Mother, Faithkeeper, and other Oneida "Trads" living on the original "32" [acres] NY, weren't /aren't so lucky. Oneida Trads [People of the Standing Stone] continue to live under a despot, and have suffered many years of oppression. The dehorned 'temporary chief'' [whom Oren Lyons and all the other Council Fires agreed was and is not "Chief" is a non-traditionalist CEO of O.I.N., NY. May this CEO-OIN-Businesss man find his way to be more like Oren Lyons, and do what is right & just for ALL Oneida. "There is always hope". Niá:wen
Author: Akinogar
Docket: Shenandoah, et al v. Halbritter, from The Center for Constitutional Rights
Author: Najinn
What does "we have been here a long time" mean? Everybody only has one lifetime. Yeah, I get it, they are the indigenous people of North America and they got a raw deal. But thats another question.
Author: Kajisar
The Oneida Report, from the Christian Peacemaker Teams
Author: Zolorg
Sadly, site is down: http://www.oneidasfordemocracy.org/main/updates/in-memory-of-maisie-schenandoah/
Author: Tojajar
How can one Converse with Chief Oren Lyons? I really need to talk with him regarding the peace keeper and a story regarding the Guardian and the first Tribe or Tribes. The story's are very ancient but seem to walk hand in hand with each other. I would greatly appreciate any assistance of truth.
Author: Dijind
The other thing is, one of the main motivators for people to want their own land, their privacy, their security is because they want to get away from people, because society is stressful and violent and it doesn't live like a community. So people want to get out of it, have their own world. But only the very few can achieve this within the system -- this is why the American Dream concept is, indeed, a dream, and not a visionary one. It is a dream for the very few, and the rest does the work that constitutes that dream. When there is no community, no trust, no sharing, no common goals, it is being fostered that we need to get away from everything, escape, make our own country. It can't be done, certainly not with 7 billion and counting. We need to listen. Learn. We are just a voice in the breeze for a short time, then the next generation comes and we fade away. Hopefully we have something to say that will echo into the future. That we have something to contribute.
Author: Shaktigis
We are the 7th Generation
Author: Aram
I'd gladly accept leadership from a man like this - any time.
Author: Aragul
What a great father 🙏🙏
Author: Arashigore
Author: Kizragore
love American Indigenous
Author: Vulrajas
Wisest man on the Earth.
Author: Niramar
One apple took it,s destination off all that has taken place 🧐
Author: Mezir
Many more links are now gone, including:
Author: Garn
My name is Winter-Rain. I'm First Nations of Alberta, Canada. I and my brother River are also Metis... its a Canadian thing. My
Author: Malami
Wise words. Love the respect for nature and all living things that is spoken of here.
Author: Niktilar
I feel the reality of "owned land" and things like that is still not real -- in relation to how things really are, not how we construct a belief system regarding it. When we "buy" land, what we are actually buying is the enforcement against others (via the law and law enforcement). So one could "buy" 400 acres based solely on currency within the system, and if someone tries to take it from you or tries to live on "your" land, you call the system's enforcement. The money is buying protection against others, it can not buy you land. The money only keeps others out (if it works). The land is, is its own, does its own thing, will be there after you're long gone. So I very much align myself with this man's vision.
Author: Bataur
Swedish grandmother and my mother went to a speaking of yours at Lovudden in Vasteras, Sweden in the late 90's! My mom says please continue your great work!!!
Author: Shakalrajas
it's important to remember/consider that it is "*rome*" or "babylon" and not necessarily "christians"
Author: Yozshukus
Do the ENGLISH BAPTIZE the Mi'kmaq??
Author: Akisho
Author: Fejas
The river in India takes more of the land each year. The rivers are taking land back.
Author: Faejin
Nothing but Love and Respect
Author: Tolabar
I think they now have to many citys I feel there not hanging on to the nature of what's on Earth people are clenging onto city's and instead of developeing for are Earth like grass I was told by my mama she asked me to cut the grass one day I said no mama I can't she then said why well I told her and said to her is because it's a living thing I feel it's like a human life by cutting grass it's really bad crying they need to be reminded across the world for what we have left in nature trees grass flowers even crying trees helps us breath and give us and are planet oxygen look how many citys compared to the nature needs to be gain devolped over it save nature ceremony for nature and a creature grass 😭😥😭😭
Author: Mujora
Author: Vudoran
What a Great Chief
Author: Vuzahn
Author: Vonos
Deep sea salt is the same as our blood.
Author: Zululkree
Author: Kasar
We are so blessed that this man exists and is telling us all the wisdom we need to learn about the meaning and broad spectrum of the word 'Respect'. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Author: Metaxe
The Native Americans are worthy of Honor because they are standing up for mother earth and protecting her. Mother earth provides us just about everything we need to survive and be happy. More power to you my Native American brothers and sisters.
Author: Gardazilkree
We are the 2nd sun. When we restore the firmament by making the unseen seen. in a harmonic vibration density of atmosphere through nano tuning vines (weaves of nano carbon tubes ins sacred geometric designs) that emulate the crystalline ores of our Earth and provide a manifestation of massive-mega mega walls of solid state crystalline structures creating a vibratory foundation/singing stones that produce the atmosphere and the technological designs to restore the pyramid chambers to house the ark of the covenants that restore the firmament. And all the firmament is an outer membrane of water and silica and hydrogen and other bits and bobs. The 144 Arks(which will be placed in all the main/major pyramids are like the pillars of heaven. As described as God in the bible who went before Moses and his people as a pillar of cloud by day and a tower of light by night. In today's world it would be an open source hydrogen plasmic beam. Activation of the chambers across our earthly plane create the pillars of heaven. With the reforming of the firmament (backward engineering of the great flood where we have no polar icecaps and the oceans become seas) we restore the 5/6/7 dimensional atmosphere and the completed and prophesied heavenly realm on earth again. It is hard for most people to understand the atmosphere. Unless you research visits to heavenly or or other dimensional dreams or after death experiences. All the voids between the realms of the 3rd and the 4th dimensional are filled with living vibrational waves in the atmosphere. This is the peaceful and creation honouring way forward where we apply nano design to replicate and amplify creation itself. We progress from a 0 class civilization to a class 1 civilization and join our ancestors who are in all the other stars/ heavenly realms across our universe and beyond. This is what I personally believe as to why the Sphere Being Alliance and others are waiting for us as a generation of living nodes on an organism of a healing body that is traversing deeper into the plasmic belt of light to achieve as a collective of enlightened beings. http://harrythebusker.weebly.com/science-and-religion.html
Author: Sajin
I think Oren is the best one for runner but i think hes smarter than he gives credit to himself
Author: Faemuro
Author: Dajas
We must lift each other up so we can have confidence to take care of it.
Author: Fenrik
Author: Tekora
When in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume (ass out you and them not me i know the facts its that simple i will challenge they will run hmm) among the power of the Earth, ( When they used Moses laws of the earth cause effect for the gray give me break law i will challenge them. you have to back me its that simple this is biblical they can't get out of it hmm..) the separate and equal Station ( What equal station?) to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, ( US laws of cause effect our used for the gray in the laws of do day meaning they broke the laws of the 10 Commandment, The Declaration independence we our the People for the people one nation under God for liberty and justice for all ) All our Equal. one week you will see what happen, i don't have do nothing it will take care of it self and to the God of Sun its that simple Our Father who art in heaven hollow be ty name,Ty will be done on earth as it is in heaven.(" on earth as it is in heaven") Key we have used the lies of truth of the God of the evil satanic demons have no power over me.. they have tried i run them them 8 fish doesn't have chance you see all these young ladies hang around they our blue of the moon people, They know they know they work for me now.. ) Sun is life on earth with out the Sun the would be Frozen solid yes our no? ) Anything they have i have it where they can't get out of it why? Truth will Winn every time..i don't have lie one time ever its that simple ) You know that is not about us its not in our Blood my blood is Mix blood it is proven i am who i am B-+ DNA of unknown odor molecules i have them that is God Given the only way you can get it hmm i have to fight for your soul our you will burn its that simple they will burn you for there Satanic Demons they have its in Revelation 2:8 read people respect me around i been fighting them to prove we are not all a like in American, Like i said when you take oath on the Bible it is binding but we live for the grace glory of God why? Because we don't have God in place in the white house i can prove right now...1
Author: Gom
Great speech. But Europe was different before it was conquered by Roman empire people here respected nature just like native Americans.
Author: Tazshura
If only i could show this to everyone who could actually start making the important changes we need to make for our survival as a species and entity on this earth. I hope we will learn from our mistakes.
Author: Daicage
Author: Yomi
amazing such great wisdom i watched and listened to this very deeply and agree 100%

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