Knicks News: Anthony Davis Wants The Knicks, So Does RJ Barrett...Who Lands In NY?! | 657-383-1509

21.07.2019   |   by Dalar

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Comments "Knicks News: Anthony Davis Wants The Knicks, So Does RJ Barrett...Who Lands In NY?! | 657-383-1509":

Author: Dulkis
Good we already did Melo....really!!!! Give up half the team again....nahhh im good. Come in free agency if u really want NYC.
Author: Maulkree
Takes time great point. Jordan took time to be Jordan. Let our kids grow and play. Add when we ready.
Author: Kamuro
The Ron Cleveland call was spot on..."Stay the course"
Author: Grokree
Pelicans have 0 leverage! They can lose AD for nothing. Let another team sell the farm and get suckered for a change. BUILD IT FROM THE GROUND UP. Anything built right starts with a good foundation.
Author: Dairan
Draft RJ, don't get cute. Anthony Davis trade should be. DSJ , 2020 and 2021 first rounders. That's all I got. AD too injury prone imo.
Author: Kejind
Kinda Wanna Strike Out, not gonna lie... let's continue to build, and take on contracts to get more picks or promising player
Author: Vushura
This is rjs team rj do you want to play for the knicks? Words of zion Williamson.
Author: Mujar
No shortcuts. Lets rebuild the right way for once man.
Author: Kazizshura
From Puerto Rico Hi Simone I think you got the player you team need JR.Barrett is the power control Knicks 2020
Author: Tegore
Damn right. Let's build our own super team with the kids. I've waited this long, what's another 2 or 3 seasons.
Author: Tygogrel
Kd went down again tonight with the same injury 🤔. This might be a game changer for the Knicks.
Author: Murn
RJ Barrett is the man to keep in NY
Author: Arataur
We did that ALREADY, Melo, didn't work. We got our own AD in the making with Robinson. Lets stay wit the Young Guns & 2 FAs, we will be good
Author: Mekazahn
Durant just got hurt again. He ain't opting out. This injury going to change him. Kyrie going to Brooklyn. Now if Kawahi is possible great but if not him slims out quick. Kemba, butler naaaaa. We stay put.
Author: Vudal
Best case scenario sign Kawhi Leonard and Julius Randle!! Dennis Smith Jr-RJ Barrett-Kawhi Leonard-Julius Randle-Mitchell Robinson, if no Kawhi continue to build with young guys. Knicks are in good shape either way 🔥🔥
Author: Maur
They have NO CHOICE to take whatever The Knicks give them and if they don’t like it, MOVE ON! 😳
Author: Samubei
Nooooo not again giving up all our good young players sorryyy but no
Author: Taur
Patiently waiting on the next KnicksFanTV stream after the KD injury. I feel for the brutha.
Author: Mazugis
If the Knicks make a offer They better not give up both Barrett and Robinson
Author: Gataur
Author: Mojora
You do an awesome job with this show CP! Thanks for doing what you do!

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