WVU vs. Syracuse Highlights -- 2011

25.07.2019   |   by Kagam

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Author: Tojakree
Author: Zull
i'm a Wvu fan thankyou for not dissing WVU plus syracuse had a better game
Author: Nisida
it seems that SU played their hardest this game and felt like since they had 1 game till bowl elligble they they just slowed down and finished the season 5-7. I also blame us the fans after the pinstripe bowl their was a lot of pressure on them to become the old syracuse but that won't happen till we get 4 star recruits again. Doug Marrone is going to be the coach for a long time h
Author: Meztik
Still mad we lost the rest of the season
Author: Kihn
After this game we shat the entire season.
Author: Douramar
i was at this game. the dome was packed
Author: Groshicage
Cuse nation!!!!
Author: Nazragore
Author: Goltigal
Ready for your beating Saturday? In your own house? hehe
Author: Mazutaxe
Nice !
Author: Kajizshura

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