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Author: Gardashicage
interesting fact rolls royce engines turn clockwise as viewed from the front most other jet engines i think turn anticlockwise as viewed from the front allways wondered why this is so?
Author: Malagore
Great video man its sad seeing so many 747 leave the fleet and really sad OJI shows the end of the old Qantas livery on the 747
Author: Julabar
An historic moment well recorded. Thank you.
Author: Vocage
Was searching for the plane that took me to Australia in 2010, and found this Video. Sad to hear it's now resting in Mojave. Thanks for uploading.
Author: Tomi
This is the only 747 I've ever flown on,  LAX to Brisbane, round trip.   I'd rather push a 747 than fly in an A380 even if I got to fly it myself.   Boeing rules, Airbus drools.
Author: Vurr
Thanks so much for sharing mate, what a privilege to see her up close one last time!! So sad to see the 747s going, they have served Qantas very well over many years, they will certainly be missed :(
Author: Toktilar
I flew with the Oscar-Juliett-India in April 09 from Frankfurt to Singapore Changi. Nice to see that clip here. I am really sad that Qantas disapeared completely from Germany. Their 747`s were a part of aviation history in Frankfurt. Hopefuly Qantas will come back one day.......................
Author: Fenritaur
Nice vid! Sad to see another one leave, hopefully VH-OJM and OEB stick around a bit longer! Random fact: The retirement of OJI also marks the end of the old Qantas 1984 livery on the 747, as well as the end of this cabin configuration.
Author: Kigagor
Why did this plane stop in Honolulu?
Author: Gogami
Great video, thanks for sharing this, the first ever 747 I worked on as a crew member
Author: Zoloktilar
have spent many hours on board OJI (mainly SYD-NRT-SYD)...sad to see her leave the fleet (no water canon send off?). Is that the last RR powered 744 to leave now?
Author: Arashilkree
Awesome work recording and putting this video together, hopefully that we see this airplane flying as a cargo plane in the near future.
Author: Juktilar
Fantastic video, so sad to see yet another 747 leave us. Only five RR powered 747's left :( That view of the engine startup was soooo awesome! Liked and favourited!
Author: Votilar
I know im a bit late here, but do u happen to know whats happening in 2017? im guessing they would be retiring one or too more, probably the ones with the oj registration
Author: Zulugis
Thanks for uploading. So jealous that you still have 747s left. I really want to fly out of Auckland to Sydney Melbourne or Brisbane just to see a 747 in service
Author: Kazile
how come at 15:07 you can see fluid coming out of the engines? is that right or is that a problem sort of confused....
Author: Dataur
Thanks for posting!
Author: Faejas
Sad to see the old birds go!  Those 747's have served Qantas well.  Loved this, but a bit sad to see them all going :(  Thanks  PS  you have one of the best jobs in the world!

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