Buying Your First Soldering Station (UPDATE READ DESCRIPTION)

11.06.2019   |   by Sarisar

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Author: Shaktigis
Hey everyone, I spoke to a rep, and BangGood should have their stock fully replenished within the next day or so in case you're still holding out for one of these.
Author: Fedal
Great video! I’d really like a “soldering 101 class by Voultar” video series, that would take my gaming geekness to the next level!
Author: Gardall
Got mine ordered. I like everything about this thing. Great video! :D
Author: Grojora
Damn. I went and found a power cord that fits and plugged the thing in. Flipped the switch, and DOA. Nothing on the screen, nothing to see. I was sent a dead soldering station. For those who got ones that work, fantastic. I'm happy for you. For me, I can't wait another 6 weeks for a fix to be sent to me. I am very disappointed in the long wait, and the absolutely dead on arrival paperweight I now own.
Author: Mehn
Purrrchased cheers dude.
Author: Vujar
"Military time"... lol
Author: Tehn
The 15% off didn’t work but I’m not complaining was a steal!
Author: Samugul
The Bob Ross of soldering
Author: Zulushakar
Time to break out the multi-meter and the old soldering iron I have and try and figure out why my station is completely DOA. VERY disappointed right now and have no plans to purchase from them again.
Author: Samubar
Please don’t make me spend more money
Author: Akinoshura
Totally unrelated, but I've looked at the time on the soldering iron at 19:31 and my computer's clock was showing exactly the same.
Author: Kigore
It's even got a mains fuse. To Weller that's a feature.
Author: Kajigul
by some chance youtube recommended me this video in late December. Ok, maybe not by chance. Previously I was watching Louis Rossmann discussing differences between soldering iron technologies. But anyway, I feel really, really, REALLY lucky I got this video recommended. I only watched it and I knew this is something for me. I've had the station now for a week and I absolutely love it. A great station an order of magnitude cheaper than grossly overpriced brand names'. Thanks for this video!!!!
Author: Dazshura
Just like your first sex session, it's an important decision. You don't want unwanted solder all over your hot rod.
Author: Shakree
Wow so apparently I needed a new soldering iron. Couldn't pass on that deal. Great video!
Author: Garamar
Edit: Thankfully, these things are pretty simple devices so I was able to find the problem. One of the wires connecting the front panel to the main board was broken. No continuity. I replaced the wire assembly and fired it up and it works great. So if you get one that's DOA, just open it up and check for continuity where there should be continuity.
Author: Vitaxe
Any of the desolder vacuum you can recommend on banggood.
Author: Mikataur
On topic, great video! You've conviced me to spend a bit more and get the KSGER over the Quicko. But I've seen there are multiple versions. Do you know if the latest one, v3.0, is better than the lower ones?
Author: Kishicage
Great video! Could you do something similar for a desoldering station please?
Author: Taurisar
Soldering is for chumps, you only need a dab of hotglue and a little brasso mixed in for conductivity and, BOOM, you're done!
Author: Maugor
Nice thick isolation cutout and they actually used an optocoupler to communicate to the low voltage side. Definitely doesn't look like your typical cost cut Chinese product.
Author: Zologor
Got mine today, ordered after new year so they are still making them and shipping good stuff :-)
Author: Nekree
That was a well built unit. Good review sir. Peace.
Author: Moogushicage
Could you possibly go through the hot air stations, as most don't have good quality. No one likes the magic smoke station.

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