Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Walkthrough Part 30 - For the Greater Good - Chapter 13

10.07.2019   |   by Tygolabar

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Author: Kagataxe
Brad. Grenades in real life would just about knock you unconscious if you through it there xD
Author: Shat
Author: Doran
Actually, Windows ME was pretty good for dual processing motherboards at the time. Least that's what I got from HP networking staff.
Author: Muzuru
CoD is the children's online daycare
Author: Dourr
My reaction: FACEPALM
Author: Megami
a ram
Author: Akilar
Your about as stupid as your name you ignorant fuck! And yes i would wear something because some1 says it cool. What? You gonna wear a barrel and jockstrap just because YOU think its cool!
Author: Kektilar
that's why it throws it away !
Author: Arakasa
I've had better things to do than deal with a complete waste of human anatomy.
Author: Kakasa
why don't you j ust shoot them all?
Author: Fem
No, it's not.
Author: Mikazahn
Brad I think u r a badass zombie killer
Author: Shakarr
4:09 See him flying from the grenade's blast.
Author: Meztirisar
it is so awesome how brad is talking about almost being at 900,000 but now he has 7 million I'm so happy for you brad
Author: Tegis
no brad the charge skill wants you to tap the y button not hold it for a year or two lol
Author: Mikagul
This person reminds me of the girl from the walking dead season 2 or 3
Author: Gagore
At 15:47 does anyone else think it sounds like "quack quack quack"? XD
Author: Braktilar
*after 1 month* "whatever".
Author: Goltizuru
hey jeff the killer do you have friends
Author: Gajas
And one more thing, stop trying to write comments about me like you actually know me :P
Author: Arashitaxe
and cod is AWESOME

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