LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 100% Guide #14 - Magic is Might (House Crests/Character Tokens)

18.06.2019   |   by Moogurg

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Comments "LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 100% Guide #14 - Magic is Might (House Crests/Character Tokens)":

Author: Mekasa
If only we could get an update with checkpoint parts, it could be possible to get the final crest
Author: Kezshura
Edit:Okay it's working now lol, got the Slytherin crest on 2nd attempt
Author: Goltirr
I hate ur videos
Author: Nagul
This video makes it look so effing easy to grab that Slytherin Crest!!! GAHH! I can see how you keep cutting to the left - maybe that's the key so you're always ready to duck behind that damn knight!!!
Author: Naran
Author: Meztikus
I was loosing my mind !! thanks a lot.
Author: Shall
Yeah, I posted a playthrough of the demo yesterday. You can play the 1st level in the game. It's pretty short, but good fun.
Author: Turisar
Pack attack I have voldermort and thanks
Author: Mikall
I beat Lucius, but he is still on the ground 0.o
Author: Kigazuru
2 tries here, to get the slytherin crest
Author: Nikorr
It's good to know I'm not the only one who's having trouble with that Slytherin crest. Guess I've just got to keep trying.
Author: Kaziktilar
Im stuck with harry and ron cant do the bookcase or changd harry character?? What to do
Author: Dill
I love how people are also complaining about the MOTHERF***ING HOUSE CREST AT THE END! I'm stuck there too.
Author: Vozil
Author: Mele
Author: Zulkirg
That stupid snake crest it's the only thing I need for 100% and I can't get it
Author: Faern
I just saw a video of a level from Lego Marvel super heroes. The game looks pretty sweet. I know you are going to get it :)
Author: Nabar
The slytherin crest made me crazy many times :'D It's the trickiest one to get, and right in the end of the level.. So all those times I failed, I had to replay the whole level to try to catch it again
Author: Daihn
I am going to The Harry Potter Studios In 2 days, and I aim to complete this whole game to 100% before then, and now, I am 53% done!
Author: Nalkis
Why would they put a crest right at the end that you can easily miss.. I thought this game was for kids wow
Author: Grosar
I'm going bat shit crazy over this slytherin crest. I've lost count of how man times I've had to replay this entire level. Sick of it. If I can't get it in a couple more tries, screw it, I'm ditching this game and playing something that isn't impossible.
Author: Moogugami
I keep hitting the statue or something and missing the crest ugh!!
Author: Gobar
If anyone in 2019 or later needs help on this just turn on a second controller let the dementors focus on the other player and run to get the Slytherin crest so much easier than trying to out run them

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